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Did you grow up on Captain Crunch and Lucky Charms? If so, you may have changed this if you’ve decided to eat healthy. Now you may opt for Special K, Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran or oatmeal, but what if I told you that those options are not that much healthier than the sugar cereals you grew up on?

If you read the ingredient list on any cereal box, it will likely include some form of added sugar, along with 20-30 ingredients. Many of these ingredients you may not be able to pronounce and they would not be considered “real food.” This is true of most “healthy” cereals as well.

Cereal and oatmeal primarily contain carbohydrates. It converts to glucose (sugar), giving you a surge of energy that only lasts for a couple of hours. To avoid the crash that follows this quick energy, breakfast should include long-burning fuel sources provided by proteins and fats. 

Let’s look at some great options that will keep you full till lunch!



Leftovers from the night before can make a great breakfast. It’s easy and fast on a busy morning and hopefully contains lots of nutrition. While it may be unconventional, having leftovers is a good way to start the day.


Banana Pancakes

Two-ingredient Banana and Egg Pancakes are a great way to start the day. They are a delicious choice made from natural real-food ingredients and contain a protein to balance the fruit. You can make them ahead of time and store them for a couple of days in the refrigerator. Serve them with butter to add a healthy fat, and top with blueberries or strawberries for an extra bit of taste.


Breakfast Cups

Ham and Egg Breakfast Cups are a favorite simple delicious breakfast idea that can be made ahead of time. Once you are familiar with this recipe, you can play with it adding different meats and veggies to your liking.



Breakfast Smoothies can be made quickly and easily eaten on the go. They can provide a healthy mix of real food ingredients. You can add a scoop of protein powder and it will last you even longer. 




Breakfast Hash recipes are extremely versatile and can be modified for anyone's taste. You simply cook the starch, add flavor, and top it with an egg for some protein.  (My favorite combo is sweet potato, spinach, onions, and a granny smith apple.)  



Full fat, PLAIN yogurt topped with fruit and nuts is a simple healthy breakfast. (You can even make your own yogurt. It isn't that hard!)


Egg Cups

Avocado Egg Cups are a great way to incorporate healthy fats to keep you going all morning. They can be made ahead of time and stored in the fridge so you can grab one on the way out the door in the morning.


Healthy Breads/Muffins

It can be tricky to find a healthy muffin recipe. They are often filled with sugar and simple carbs, but this Banana Bread or Muffin recipe gets my approval.  Top it with butter or a nut butter to add a healthy fat that will make it more filling.


Energy Bars

Store-bought energy bars are often no more than glorified candy bars. Making your own energy bars allows you to be in control of how much sugar you want to be consuming. If you make them ahead of time you will get the convenience of a grab-and-go breakfast without the junk.



Egg casseroles are so easy. You can make them at the beginning of the week and they will last for days. It’s quick to reheat and an easy way to get eggs and veggies in the morning. The more veggies and meat you have, the less likely the casserole is to have that "bouncy" egg consistency.  (There is a basic recipe that you can adjust to your taste here. Other varieties include the Plantain Casserole or Mexican Casserole.) If you are hesitant to eat eggs because of the cholesterol, check out my explanation of why you do not need to fear eggs.


Let me know the real food breakfasts you are currently eating and what you might want to try from this list!


Dr. Jamie


(This article is based on an article my sister Joelle Kurczodyna, NTP wrote. If you liked it, please check out her website at From Scratch Farmstead.)