Active Release Techniques (ART)

Active Release Techniques (ART)

Dr. Tripp Thomure uses ART to relieve pain and increase range of motion in new injuries or injuries that have been nagging patients for years. 

As one of the few elite ART providers in Warrenville and the surrounding area, Dr Jamie Thomure is certified and experienced in using ART techniques to treat the entire body.

The video below features Dr. Leahy, the inventor of Active Release Techniques explains how this method of soft tissue treatment works.

Treatment with ART decreases pain and improves mobility by breaking up scar tissue, adhesions, trigger points, or "knots" in soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and nerves.  It can also improve circulation, release entrapped nerves and improve the flexibility of the muscle and surrounding fascia.

Corporate ART

Dr. Jamie Tripp Thomure travels to local factories to treat employees suffering from repetitive strain and sprain injuries.

She visits the workplace as an ART Elite Provider in the ART Corporate Solutions Program.  In addition to improving employee morale, this program saves money for the corporation by reducing workers compensation costs by reducing the number of recordable injuries. ART is recognized by OSHA and the department of labor as a wellness, prevention, or first aid measure.

Dr. Tripp Thomure typically works side by side with the Environmental Health and Safety Manager (EHS) at companies. If you are suffering from repetitive/overuse injuries at your job, have your EHS manager talk to Dr. Jamie Tripp Thomure about how the ART Corporate Solutions program can help!

We treat the whole body!

Any part of the body can have pain, strains, sprains,  or weakness. Call today so we can help you live the life you love.