Class Testimonials

The class results are blowing me away!  Average weight loss of those who followed my recommendations and wanted to lose weight was 12 pounds! As you all know, I care about much more than weight! Participants also reported AWESOME IMPROVEMENTS in digestion, skin, joint pain, energy, sleep, mood, and heartburn, improved blood sugar regulation via glucometer and Hemoglobin A1C lab markers, brain fog, and more. Keep reading to hear what the Wellness Warriors have to say.

Dr. Jamie

Look Forward to Each Daily Email

It has been great!! Love waiting to get the daily email to see what the next discussion is. Easy to follow instructions along with personal support. Love the program. Dr. Jamie's wellness program is a great way to get you started on a healthy eating program. Great recipes, guidance and support. It's truly amazing how great you feel when you start making healthy choices.

Lost 20 Lbs without Trying!

I am feeling better overall, clearer skin and almost 20# of weight loss (without trying).  Whilst I struggled in the start to find foods to eat (I have always been a picky eater - if it did not look right I would avoid it) making me very hangry. I was surprised and excited about the changes I saw with my body - weight loss with no extra exercise, clearer skin, less bloating.
Did you know that a pepper is a really good snack as opposed to a bag of chips? So little changes will continue to help me maintain my positive changes. A special thanks for Dr. Jamie and Joelle for putting on this course and for being available for questions!

Learned Why Foods are Important

I feel much better and have less adverse GI effects from foods.  I was very impressed with the educational content. I learned much more about why foods are important like fats.

More Energy & Better Sleep

Both my wife and I plus a couple of family members have done this wellness class. Speaking for myself, I read the materials and it made so much sense to follow the program as it was laid out. It was a little rough giving up a few foods I really enjoyed but we found so many substitutes that we never realized were this delicious when prepared by us.

Many of the recipes and suggestions we saw online were filling and made 2 meals in some instances. I feel much more energetic and seem to sleep better. If you stick to this program you will NOT be disappointed. It is well worth the commitment and you learn so much about your body and habits.

Lost More Weight by Nutrition than Training

My main goal of the program was weight loss. Last year I trained and ran the Chicago marathon. By the way I did finish. During the training I did not lose any weight and am a large runner at over 250lbs. A running injury has sidelined me for the last 3 months and I was concerned about gaining weight. With this program, and not running, I have lost 15lbs in the 6 weeks. This is something running long distance was unable to accomplish. I feel great and because of this program I believe the weight will continue to come off allowing me to return to running. Thanks Dr. Jamie 

Real Food Makes for Real Changes

Dr. Jamie is an incredibly knowledgeable and valuable resource and person! The Wellness Warrior challenge helped uncover a lot of what's been going on with my health under the surface, and has given me a lot of good goals and strategies to move forward. And Jamie continues to be an amazing support. Real food does make for real changes!

I Feel So Much Better!

Hi Dr. Jamie!  I want you to know how awesome this has been for my daughter and I....and other members of our family are benefiting too, even though they weren't committed like the two of us. I truly feel like my life is more under control. I sleep better, wake up more quickly and feeling refreshed. My skin has improved and I have noticed significant reduced puffiness in my face and other areas of my body. I wasn't doing this for weight loss but I did lose about 10 pounds! My athletic performance and stamina have improved.

I feel so much more in control and equipped with new tools to move forward and make these changes more permanent in my life. I am even enjoying my veggie salads! Foods taste good to me and my cravings have reduced significantly. I am still battling them, but over all I feel so much better. Thank you for sharing your expertise at a price that is unheard of. My Daughter has benefited too, and she is sticking with it!

Lost Weight Without Being Hungry or Deprived

I lost seven pounds in the last six weeks, without trying or being hungry or deprived. I stayed well and had no coughs, stuffy nose colds, or skin outbreaks. I think that the outer third of my eyebrows are getting darker again.

I Am Excited to Continue This Journey

Over these weeks I have learned and noticed many great changes with my body. I have lost 12lbs. YEA!! I have noticed that I have more energy during my school days and that other people have noticed too. My skin has cleared up and my stomach problems have gone away. I don't crave sweets as much anymore as well. I have learned to open up my mind to new ideas and trying great HEALTHY foods. I am excited to continue this journey with eating healthy by taking all that I learned from this class and sharing it with others. 

Physiology and Anatomy with Simple Explanations

I will continue to stay on the program. My mindset regarding food has changed forever. I will, as best I can, eat real food from a good, healthy source. I will give my body fewer chemicals and toxins to process. I have become a better food shopper, meal planner, and cook. I enjoy all of these things more than I ever had in the past. The material was very insightful. I liked learning the anatomy/physiology and the nutrition components.

I liked that your emails had a simple explanation, but offered a link to another article for more information. (In the education world, this is called differentiation :>)) I feel like I am trying to teach others so that I can remember as much as I can! I feel good! I thought I felt good prior to the program, but after eating differently I started to notice that some foods were causing inflammation and I didn't realize it. My body is less tolerant of carbs and sugar and I feel bad after eating them. After sugar, I feel like my tongue has an adverse reaction - tingles, burns, feels dry.

Cooking Good Food Is A Fun Challenge

Thanks so much for your Wellness Warriors program. We changed our eating habits quite a bit. It is fun and a challenge to cook enjoyable, good tasting food that is good for you. FYI, I lost close to 20 pounds and my wife lost around 5. Thanks so much. You are doing a good thing!!! 

Hair Loss Stopped

The dramatic and sudden hair loss I was experiencing has slowed down A LOT. :-) I'm sleeping considerably better - deeper sleep and I have less trouble going back to sleep if I wake in the night. 

You've Changed My Life

You've changed my life. I feel so much better with this new way of eating and it's making me cook, which I used to dread. I love it! 

Our Lives Our Changed for the Better!

I want to thank you for changing our lives for the better.  I truly believe this is the way to eat & you have 2 converts to healthier eating for life.  My taste buds have dramatically changed. I'm down 20 lb. and my wife is down 15. I am on my way, thanks to you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

Recipe for a Life Filled With Healthy Eating

The last seven weeks have brought me back full circle to how I felt during the first 18 years of my life. My mother, being from Okinawa, came from the mindset that we should eat something different each day and it should be whole. We grew up eating veggies from the garden where even the cucumbers had “fire” to them. Spring forward 25 years. Two decades plus 5 years filled with Doritos, processed foods, restaurant lunches and you have me a mere 7 weeks ago…sluggish, hazy, and drinking coffee or energy drinks like it’s my job. Not a green veggie in sight. With the circle complete, I finally feel alive again. My mornings are clear and not caffeine driven. My focus is sharp and energy level steady. Breathing is easier and my legs don’t feel heavy. Eating lunch doesn’t wipe me out. Most importantly, I know what to eat and I even enjoy food prep. There’s something cathartic about it that I love. Add in inspiration and creativity that stems from cooking and you have a recipe for a life filled with healthy eating. Thank you, Dr. Jamie

Amazing Results - I Feel So Good & So Energized

KC Before After300Where do I begin? My hair, skin and nails are amazing! I wake up feeling well rested and ready to start my day! Whereas before I felt exhausted all the time and used copious amounts of coffee as a crutch. Now, I have maybe one cup a day. I have less brain fog and feel more focused on things. Also, I don't feel bloated or weighed down and sleepy after I eat. Furthermore, I don't crave sweets after meals and my taste buds have changed. Over the course of 7 weeks, I have tried so many new foods and have found a love for cooking again. I could go on and on! I will leave you with the fact that I feel so good and so energized that I started going back to the gym again.
Photo: See the difference 7 weeks makes!

You Will Feel So Much Better

I started experiencing inflammation, joint pain and bloating once I hit my 40's. I was tested for many things, but the doctors couldn't find anything wrong. Dr. Jamie was able to help me, with this program, to alleviate those symptoms. You will be pleased with your results if you follow the program and you will feel so much better!

Recipes are Awesome

Your videos and recipes are AWESOME! I have made so many new recipes, that my family thinks i'm going to start a restaurant! :)

Learned New Things After Years of Dieting!

I thought in my 50 years of dieting I'd probably seen/read/heard everything there is about dieting, food, nutrition, but I've learned something new from each of your e-mails and videos. The cholesterol one stands out for me.

My Brain is Clear!

I can honestly say that this past weekend I experienced something entirely new. The "brain fog" was gone. Completely. I never even knew I had brain fog. It really helped that you broke down the metabolic carbohydrate cycle and explained it so I could understand. Love the fat burning chart. I finally see how to lose weight and why I was not successful. I was eating way too many carbs. Not sugar necessarily, but tortillas, wheat bread, brown rice, hummus and other beans.

No More Heartburn!

I actually feel so much better. I lost some weight. I have not had heartburn in last 2 weeks.

Feeling Great has Motivated to Organize My House

I feel great, full of energy, sleeping better and even de-cluttered / organized 2 rooms in my house! I LOVE this plan. It was so easy to be compliant and the results are amazing! I started this program in December and have lost 12 pounds so far and my chronic pain is gone! I still have a long way to go but I love this way of eating and cooking!

Lost 18 Pounds with Good Plan to Maintain

This was a great experience for me! I've lost 18 lbs. so far and learned so much about the foods I eat and their impact on my body. This information will help me make much better choices going forward as I plan to continue to eat "real food" for many years to come :)- CM