Website Chiropractor 1640 1050 pxOur goal is to help your body to function at its top level so that you feel your best and live the life you love!

We at DuPage Family Wellness know that every human body is different, and that there is no "one size fits all" approach to health.

We promise to treat every patient as an individual and come up with the best plan that will get you feeling your best and enjoying life as quickly as possible.


Our Philosophy: Healing the Whole Body

At DuPage Family Wellness, we treat the human body as a complex system. If you come in complaining of knee pain, we will look at your knee. This includes the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves of the knee, as well as joints above and below the knee.

  • If we find joints that aren't moving properly, we will mobilize them.
  • If we find muscles that are too tight, or nerves that are entrapped, we will use the Active Release Technique (ART) to release them.
  • If we find muscles that are weak, we will give you exercises to strengthen them.

The joints are also impacted by inflammation within the body, so we will examine the state your body as a whole. If you have underlying inflammatory issues, we will give lifestyle recommendations or have you sign up for our 7-Weeks of Real Food.


If you are in pain, give me a call. You don't have to suffer needlessly. And if you feel great, chiropractic care can keep you feeling good, support your immune system, and help your nervous system to work at its best!

Dr. Jamie

We treat the whole body!

Any part of the body can have pain, strains, sprains,  or weakness. Call today so we can help you live the life you love.