Hey! Are you a woman with PCOS who would like to lose weight without just eating less and exercising more?

If so, I'm saving a FREE seat for you at my class
Friday, Oct. 1st at 12pm central.

You’ll get access the first three steps of the "Balanced" method. I walk you through how to lose weight with PCOS. 

We are going over my proven framework that takes the guesswork out of losing weight without just eating less and exercising more. You in?

Oh, and it’s free, so it’s kind of a no brainer!


I want to make sure you know there is limited space available so be sure to reserve a spot! I would hate for you to have to miss it because one person registered before you and it capped off. 

How do I know if this free class is for me?

  • You have tried the traditional advice on losing weight without the results you desire.

  • You have an open mind to learn new ways of looking at weight loss.

  • You are not looking for a quick fix or magic pill.

  • You want to achieve your weight loss goals so you can enjoy life without the struggles of those extra pounds.

What are we covering in this free class?

  • The 3 BIG Mistakes that women with PCOS make when trying to lose weight.   

  • Three simple steps of the "Balanced" method.

  • How women with PCOS lose weight without just eating less & exercising more!

This class is live and there are limited seats.

Click here to register for the free class!