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A Taste of The Keto Diet

keto cooking demoWe had so much fun cooking, eating, and talking about the Keto diet on Tuesday night at Prairie Path Books! The discussion was wonderful, and everyone loved the recipes from Leanne Vogels book, The Keto Diet.


What's Special About This Book

Why did I choose this book out of all the Keto books on the market? There are a number of reasons that this book stands out to me.

  • The recipes are based on a variation of the Keto diet that relies on healthy, non-processed, whole foods (think Paleo).
  • She recognizes that each body is unique and provides resources to find the right “path” for your body.
  • She provided four weeks of meal plans and shopping lists for each path.
  • She uses leftovers in the meal plans, so you are not constantly cooking.
  • Her balanced approach is refreshing. She focuses on lifestyle change, not dieting!


What Was On The Menu

We had samples of a salad, entree, side, dessert, and a drink.

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Cooking Demos Are Back!

cooking series Join me at Prairie Path Books on Tuesday, May 7th, (7:00-8:30) for my first cooking demonstration of the year! It will be based off Danielle Walker’s book, Against All Grains.

As an avid home-chef, parent, and chiropractor, I am passionate about healthy foods. I am excited to come alongside those who want to incorporate delicious, nutrient-dense foods into their life.

I personally learned the benefits of eating an anti-inflammatory diet in 2012. I want to make eating real food - fresh vegetables, fruits, as well as the right kinds of meats and fats - accessible to all.

This will be the start of a series of cookbook demonstrations that will run throughout the summer. You can sign up for one demo, or all of them, by calling PPB at (630) 765-7455!

Each demo cost $35 to attend, (and includes a $15 shopping credit)






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7 Weeks of Real Food

Eat to Balance Your Hormones, Stabilize  Your Blood Sugar,  & Feel Your Best!

7 Weeds of Read Food: Eat the  Eat to Balance Your Hormones, Stabilize  Your Blood Sugar,  & Feel Your Best!

In this 7 week ONLINE program I will teach you how to EAT REAL FOOD for REAL CHANGES.

You will learn WHICH changes to make, HOW to make them, and WHY they are important for your health! In 7 weeks you will develop the tools and strategies necessary to prepare healthy food for a lifetime! 

When does the program start?

Class launches on Friday, May 8th. The program is an ongoing 7 week self-paced course, with access to a group of like minded individuals through weekly zoom calls and an exclusive Facebook group.

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A Blood Drive for Lily

blood driveLily is a sweet four year old who is undergoing treatment for Leukemia.  She is the daughter of Dr. Singh, the dentist in the office attached to ours. Please consider supporting this family by donating blood in honor of Lily on Thursday, February 21st.  Heartland's Mobile Coach will be at the office 3:30-6:30 for this event.  Appointments are encouraged, but walk-ins may schedule an open appointment at the blood drive. To schedule your donation, contact Nadia at 630-393-4600 or sign up online at This small act of kindness can have a big impact!

Healthy Warrenville

healthy warrenvilleRecently I was approached by a Warrenville citizen who was interested in starting a group called Healthy Warrenville. Similar groups are making a difference in West Chicago and other nearby communities. We discussed the ins and outs of starting such a group in Warrenville and decided that a grass roots approach would be best!

Our mission is:
To increase healthy eating and physical activity in Warrenville to make our city one of the healthiest communities in the region.
Our goal is the have a calendar of events that citizens can check out and get involved with as they choose. These could be anything from walks, bike rides, and kayaking to healthy cooking classes, gardening groups, stress management, and more!
We needed a way to share the events with those in the community (Warrenville and nearby), so we created a Facebook group. This is a public group, so anyone who is invited, who has the link, or who stumbles across it is free to join us. As events come onto our radar, we will post them on our Healthy Warrenville Facebook Group. I invite you to  join this group, so that you can take advantage of these events, get healthier, and have fun in the process!

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