Great Chiropractor! She'll get you feeling relief quickly

5 star reviewWhen my chiropractor moved out of state, I was worried about having to find a new chiropractor. I've had trouble with people in the profession before. I was so pleased to find Dr. Tripp! She has a great understanding of what causes my various aches and pains, and she made me feel very comfortable.

I like doctors who treat to get you feeling better as soon as possible. Dr. Tripp is not one of those chiropractors that just puts you on a long-term maintenance plan, where you never really get better and have to go back regularly.

Her technique (active release) is different than I had been used to, but it felt great! I felt better right away!
by Karen S in dexknows.com

Extremely Pleased with Treatment Provided by Dr. Tripp

5 star reviewDr. Tripp was instumental in diagnosis and my recovery from multiple injuries related to a ski accident back in February. During the first office visit, she was able to correctly diagnose leg, knee and shoulder issues related to the accident. She provided immediate relief from much of the pain I was having when I walked into her office and demonstated excercises for me to do at home between visits. Dr. Tripp was professional , extremely knowledgeable and caring, definetly an asset to my recovery.
by MaryAnn on Dex - See more review on DexKnows.com

Tightness Gone

5 star reviewI'd been experiencing some muscle tightness through my chest and went to see Dr. Tripp to determine if it was something that could be helped with chiropractic therapy. She was able to pinpoint the cause of my discomfort and relieve the tightness that had been bothering me for such a long time. Dr. Tripp also gave me information about some exercises to be done to prevent this from happening in the future. I'm happy to report there has been no recurrence of this tightness -- thanks, Dr. Tripp!
--- Pete on Dex - more reviews on DexKnows.com

Gifted Hands

Dr. Jamie Tripp [Thomure] has gifted hands, no doubt about it.  I had visited two different chiropractors to get rid of pain that had bothered me for weeks on the right side of my upper  shoulder and back.  I could not sleep - could hardly move without suffering. I went to work  in pain. I met with Dr. Jamie Tripp [Thomure] and within no time she used her gifted hands and the pain went away like magic. Thank you, Dr. Tripp   ---- Submitted by JoAnne W. via email


Skilled Healer

5 star reviewDr. Tripp is a skilled doctor with a healing gift. I have seen steady improvement per her use of the Active Release method of chiropractic care. I recommend her highly.
----- Anonymous from RateMDs.com on 2/7/13 



Nutrition Boot Camp

The class results are blowing me away!  Average weight loss of those who followed my recommendations and wanted to lose weight was 12 pounds! As you all know, I care about much more than weight! Participants also reported AWESOME IMPROVEMENTS in digestion, skin, joint pain, energy, sleep, mood, and heartburn, improved blood sugar regulation via glucometer and Hemoglobin A1C lab markers, brain fog, and more. Keep reading to hear what the Wellness Warriors have to say.

Dr. Jamie

What People Say About Dr. Jamie Thomure

  •  She is a very skilled doctor who has a healing gift. I highly recommend her!   --- Nina on Dex - more reviews on DexKnows.com Read More
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