You Will Feel So Much Better

“Dr. Jamie was able to help me, with this program, to alleviate (my) symptoms. You will be pleased with your results if you follow the program and you will feel so much better!"

Support and Guidance

 Dr. Jamie provides support and guidance about the decision-making process related to health and nutrition… The online program provided the accessibility and flexibility I needed…  Dr. Jamie shared meaningful videos along the way to expand our knowledge about eating right.

Learned So Much

Packed with very helpful and instructive information. I have truly learned so much from Dr. Jamie.

Most Important Thing for Myself

 This has been the most important thing I have ever done for MYSELF! This new way of eating real and whole foods is amazing… The information was so eye-opening!

Working Out the Kinks in A Dancing Machine

5 star reviewI went to Dr. Jamie Tripp after experiencing pain in my shoulder from a workout related injury. She was very helpful and professional in her procedure, diagnosis, and aid all while keeping a personable atmosphere with me. Upon inspection, Dr. Tripp was able to see the problem areas and help me through a variety of stretches, and pressure specific exercises to relieve the stress/kinks/build up and release any tightness. I am happy to report I was pain free 100% a couple days later and have had no occurrence and thank Dr. Tripp for helping solve my problem!

Well Rounded Treatment

I went to see Dr. Tripp after experiencing significant amounts of pain in my arm from playing softball and volleyball all summer. Although initially trained in Chiropractics, Dr. Tripp has furthered her education in other areas, including ART. I think this makes her an extremely well-rounded Doctor, one who can use many different techniques to try and cure your problem. Since January I have been seeing Dr. Tripp, and she is very flexible and accommodating to your schedule. Additionally, she does not make you "pay ahead" or "make a plan" like many other Doctors/Chiropractics have been known to do. Dr. Tripp will give you a straight answer, will not make you sign any lengthy contracts, and really is focused on getting to the end result, whether that means months of treatments or just a couple weeks of visits. You won't get that anywhere else!

Hand and Hip Therapy

5 star reviewInitially, I went to Dr Tripp for my hip. I was having intense discomfort in my right hip joint and wanted to know why. Dr Tripp used ART techniques to get those hip muscles loosened up. She gave me exercises to use to keep that joint flexible and pain free. Then I told her I was also starting to get carpal tunnel in my right hand. She did a few ART treatments for that condition. It is so much better than it was before seeing her. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Excellent Treatment and Tension Relief

5 star reviewDr. Jamie Tripp did a fantastic job of loosening the tension in my neck, back, chest and hips that I had accumulated from weight training. She did a good job of explaining how to move through each maneuver and the muscle groups that would be impacted (relieved). Dr. Tripp also found all kinds of knots I didn't realize I had until she released them. I felt loose for days after each session, definitely a great investment.

Excellent Care by Dr. Tripp

5 Star ReviewI was so pleased with the care that I received from Dr. Jamie . She is very thorough and very caring about each and every patient. She always reviews your chart and spends time going over with you what your issues are. She makes sure that you are satisfied with the treatment that you received. Her techniques are so amazing and they do help to relax and relieve your stress and pain. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Jamie for your Chiropractic needs. You won't be disappointed at all. Do give her a call for a consultation. You won't be disappointed. I have already recommended a few of my friends to go and see her and they too are quite pleased with their results.

Dr. Tripp is Awesome!

5 star reviewI went to Dr. Jamie for lower back pain. I could not even tie my shoes when I saw her in the office. She helped me to where I could touch my toes before leaving the office. She gave me stretches and exercises that got me back working out in no time.

Wonderful Doctor

5 star review She is a very skilled doctor who has a healing gift. I highly recommend her! 

What People Say About Dr. Jamie Thomure

  •  She is a very skilled doctor who has a healing gift. I highly recommend her!  Read More
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