Sports and Soft Tissue Specialist

5 stars reviewDr. Jamie Tripp is one of the new breed of chiropractors who is also very good with soft tissue and sports injuries. She knows and practices ART, a treatment approach familiar to runners, tri-athletes and us aging boomers who want to remain active. I have also used her for post surgical rehab (meniscus repair) with excellent results. She has a great attitude to go along with her technical skills.

Successful ART Treatments

5 star reviewI have visited Dr. Jamie Tripp for several different injuries - all somewhat minor, but annoying. She was always able to diagnose my problem correclty and provide ART treatment that gave me relief so that I could get back to my normal activities (running/racquetball) quickly. 

What People Say About Dr. Jamie Thomure

  •  She is a very skilled doctor who has a healing gift. I highly recommend her!  Read More
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