Blog incorporating natural movement in your lifeWhen you think about the history of mankind, setting time aside to exercise is a fairly new concept. Movement was simply a part of life for most of our ancestors, as their survival depended on it. They didn’t need to go to a gym, because they moved to secure food, shelter, and safety!

Let’s change our mindset around movement to include natural movement into our lives! How can you do this? Choose one of these ideas to start moving today and then add more as you are able.


Functional Movements Ideas

  • Walk somewhere instead of driving
  • Sit on the floor or stand instead of reclining on a couch or a chair with a back
  • Take a movement break at work
  • Make a phone call while walking or have a walking meeting
  • Skip using a convenient tool or food processor to prepare or chop something, and do it yourself with a knife
  • Carry your child instead of using a stroller
  • Use the basket instead of a grocery cart
  • Water your plants with a pail instead of the hose
  • Put on music and dance around your house instead of watching TV
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walk on an incline
  • Try going barefoot
  • Park further away at a store

These types of functional movements get your whole body moving in natural ways, and it is done in a natural environment! This is very different from the precise repetitive movements that most of our workouts at the gym include.


Learning About Movement from Children

We can also learn a lot about movement from the children around us! Children have fun with their movement, incorporating it into their daily lives in natural and spontaneous ways. Sitting still is something they have to learn, because their natural inclination is to move!

Take some time to think about how often you move throughout your day as an adult. Do you move for fun or function? Could you add a little joy to your movements? If your job requires you to sit for eight hours a day, are there ways to break it up? 


Remember, movement doesn't have to be strenuous! It could be as simple as walking to the water fountain, standing up for a phone call, or discretely stretching in your seat. Let's rediscover the joy that can be found in movement!


Dr. Jamie