blog balancedHey! Are you a woman with PCOS who would like to lose weight without just eating less and exercising more? If so, I'm excited to share with you BALANCED!

In "Balanced," I walk you through my proven framework that takes the guesswork out of losing weight without just eating less and exercising more.

I want to make sure you know that BALANCED is ready for you now, so be sure to reserve a spot! I would hate for you to miss out on this great opportunity to take control of your health, and get your PCOS symptoms under control once and for all.


How do I know if BALANCED is for me?

  • You have PCOS and have tried the traditional advice on losing weight without the results you desire.

  • You have an open mind to learn new ways of looking at weight loss.

  • You are not looking for a quick fix or magic pill.

  • You want to achieve your weight loss goals so you can enjoy life without the struggles of those extra pounds.


Recently I hosted a Free Class that covered...

  • The 3 BIG Mistakes that women with PCOS make when trying to lose weight.   

  • Three simple steps of the "Balanced" method.

  • How women with PCOS lose weight without just eating less & exercising more!


I've decided to leave the replay up for you to check out!

If you missed it, here’s my advice...⁠

Take 60 minutes today to catch the replay and completely change your life! Learn how to live better with The Balanced Method - THE SAME method used by women with PCOS who want to finally lose weight for good! ⁠



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We have had so many incredible participants in our past nutrition programs and student reviews really speak for themselves...

A.W. said, “The dramatic and sudden hair loss I was experiencing has slowed down A LOT. :-) I'm sleeping considerably better - deeper sleep and I have less trouble going back to sleep if I wake in the night.”

K.C. said, “I don’t feel bloated or weighed down and sleepy after I eat. Furthermore, I don’t crave sweets after meals and my taste buds have changed.”

C.M. said, “"This was a great experience for me! I've lost 18 lbs. so far and learned so much about the foods I eat & their impact on my body. This information will help me make much better choices going forward as I plan to continue to eat 'real food' for many years to come :)"


That's a sneak peek of what BALANCED looks like! If you are you ready to get excited about your health again, because extra weight isn’t stressing you out, join us inside. Just register for BALANCED here to get immediate access to this life changing material.

With Love,⁠
Dr. Jamie Thomure⁠
Creator of BALANCED⁠