5 food people are afraid to eat

Let’s look at 5 foods that many people avoid. They are either afraid to eat these foods because they have been told they are unhealthy, or they are afraid that they will taste bad. You might be surprised that the following foods have many health benefits and actually taste good!

Red Meat

According to Dr. Chris Kresser, “despite what you’ve heard, red meat is an extremely healthy and nutrient-dense addition to your plate.  It’s a great source of vitamin B12, Vitamin d, Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper, Cobalt, and more.”  For more information check out his article Red Meat: the Food They Love to Hate, or download his ebook The Truth About Red Meat.


Eggs have gotten a bad reputation over the years. It makes me sad that so many people are afraid cholesterol, because cholesterol in our diet is not the enemy! Studies have shown that

eating eggs does not affect blood cholesterol in 75% of the population and only modestly increases LDL and HDL cholesterol in the rest of the population. These studies have found that eating eggs does not increase the risk of heart disease. To learn more about why your body actually needs cholesterol check out my blog post Bacon & Eggs: Healthy or Not.

Quality Oils & Fats

Many patients are afraid to incorporate fats into their diet, believing that eating fat will make them fat. However, there are several essential fatty acids that our bodies cannot make, and if we don’t consume them it may show up as inflammation, fatigue, poor memory function, heart issues, depression, dry skin, or other unpleasant symptoms. Eating fats is incredibly important, but eating the RIGHT fats is the key! For more on this check out my blog post Are You Eating Enough Fat.

Organ Meats

According to Dr. Chris Kresser, “liver is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet.  If you don’t like the taste of liver, one good trick is to put one chicken liver in each cube of an ice cube tray and freeze them. Then, when you’re making any meat dish, dice up one chicken liver and add it to the meat.” To learn more about the nutritional value of organ meat, check out a blog post by my sister, Joelle Kurczodyna, NTP. The Single Food That Had the Greatest Impact on My Health.

Fermented Foods   

Fermentation preserves nutrients, as well as breaking the nutrient down into easily digestible forms. Fermented foods contain helpful probiotics that can have a positive effects on inflammation, digestive issues, immune system function, as well as cognitive function. For more on the benefits of fermented foods and some recipes, check out my blog Make & Eat Your Probiotics.

If you are interested in more about eating healthy check out the blog 10 Foods That I Use To Think Were Healthy, But Don't Anymore. 

Dr. Jamie

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