I went to see my internist in August of 2016.  I was gaining weight (183#, 5' 8 1/2”), fatigued and constipated for quite a while.  She did a full work-up with an array of labs, and referred me to a GI specialist for a colonoscopy.  Everything came back normal!

I have arthritis in my spine and feet that causes me discomfort and pain at times.  I had a total knee replacement 2 years ago, which I continue to have mild swelling and joint stiffness.

Here's the advice I received from my medical doctors:

  • Primary Care:  At my age my metabolism has slowed way down so I just have cut down my portions and calories
  • GI doctor:  Take Miralax for the rest of your life. He said that there is nothing wrong with that.
  • Ortho: We can give you cortisone injections for pain.

Taking this program has been the most important thing I have ever done for MYSELF!  This new way of eating real and whole foods is amazing. By subscribing to the Online Wellness Warriors, I felt that I wasn't on my own.

How do you feel now, compared to when you started this program 7 weeks ago?

There are improvements  in many areas, most importantly, I have more energy. In addition:

  • I  have lost weight  so my clothes fit me better. I was 175# when I started seven weeks ago and this morning I am 161#!!!I have lost 14 pounds!
  • My skin feels more hydrated (less dry)
  • The arthritis, in my feet and spine, doesn't bother me, as it used to.
  • My knee joint doesn't feel stiff anymore.
  • I have seasonal allergies and I haven't needed to take any medication this spring.
  • I was able to stop taking Miralax

How did you feel about the educational content presented during this program?

Excellent! I see food so differently now and how it affects every part of my body!  The daily education via email was so beneficial. The information was so eye-opening! Having that daily communication, really helped to keep me on track and was such a great support (I enjoyed the Dr. Jamie and Joelle video clips).

What long term changes will you make as a result of what you learned during these 7 weeks?

Eating well is part of me now, and I WILL NOT GO BACK!!! I will continue to be gluten free. Though I do eat Ezekiel sprouted bread, toasted, once in a while, just one slice. I have noticed no problem with it. I will remain dairy free, at least for now. I would like to try Wallaby, whole milk plain yogurt again in my smoothies, sometime for the probiotics. I don't crave sugar like I use to.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

This has been an amazing journey, and it has changed my life!  I have learned so much about the foods that I put into my body, the good and the bad and how my body works well when I eat real whole foods and how my body declines with poor food choices that I may make (and I did make some). I feel so much better when I'm eating real whole foods! This is not a diet but a lifestyle of eating well.

It was a big help having the green, yellow and red food lists and many recipes to try. 

I never felt as though I was doing this on my own. I was always encouraged to succeed, and to keep going even when I made some poor choices along the way.
Dr. Jamie was always there to answer my many, many questions. I will be continuing on this journey for the rest of my life! 
Thank You, Dr. Jamie and Joelle!