Jareds Story -  I Lost 67 Pounds 1

Jared is my husband. I am SO proud of him, and SO excited that he's improved his health by losing 67 pounds!

After several years of "gentle convincing," Jared finally decided that he wanted to lose weight, and he agreed to follow my advice about what he should eat. I am going to let him tell his own story, so keep reading.

As I helped Jared make these changes, I realized that there are SO MANY people that want to FEEL BETTER and LOOK BETTER. There was no way I could stop with Jared. I decided to create an online wellness program to guide people like you to improve your weight and health too! 

If you are interested in looking and feeling your best in 2017, come join me! I will share what you should eat, what you shouldn't eat, and daily tips to help you successfully do what Jared did! Sign up now for Dr. Jamie's 7 Week Nutrition Boot Camp: Real Food, Real Results

- Dr. Jamie Thomure

Jared's Story

January 1: 269 pounds  - December 12: 202 pounds

I know it sounds too good to be true. I don’t know if I’d be able to believe it if it wasn’t what I actually did. No, I didn’t have lap band surgery or anything close to that. Get this, I changed the way I ate, and that’s about it!

What Motivated Me to Make Changes?

The story starts with a new health insurance company. They were charging us an extra 80 dollars a month as long as my weight was over 211 pounds. My wife (Dr. Jamie) had been trying to get me to change my diet for years, but this finally motivated me to listen to her and try to lose some weight. I can think of lots of things I would rather do with 80 dollars each month than give it to an insurance company.

My Background

I played multiple sports in high school and ate whatever I wanted and did not gain weight. I worked out for multiple hours a day between weight lifting and sports practices. After high school, I continued eating whatever I wanted without the hours of daily physical activity. Over time, my weight ballooned to nearly 270 pounds. My mid to lower back was always sore. I felt tired all the time, even after getting 8 hours of sleep. I had a hard time finding clothes that were comfortable. I wore XXL shirts and size 44 pants. I decided that it was time for a change.  I didn’t like where my weight was heading. We’d also recently had a daughter, and I wanted to be healthier, so I could play with her and be a good example as she grows up.

Getting Started

On January 1, 2016 I began to make changes. I focused on eating only real foods (meats, vegetables, and fruits.) I cut out grains and processed foods except for an occasional cheat.  I also began to watch my portion sizes to some extent. Before, I usually ate seconds at dinner if there was any left just because I liked to eat. After a few weeks I felt full and didn’t crave the seconds that I had grown used to. I also realized that saving leftovers from dinner made a delicious lunch for the next day, a much better choice than fast food.  With the help of my wife (Dr. Jamie), I was able to find good habits that were easy to implement in everyday life.


My biggest change was in my diet. I didn’t spend 8 hours at the gym every day to lose the weight. My only additional exercise was going for walks with our new born.

Simply making the changes that Jamie recommended, the weight just flew off. By July, my weight was under 211 and I was able stop paying the additional insurance premium each month. I used the first $80 I saved to buy some new size 36 pants!  I feel so much better, have more energy, and can wear clothes that had been buried in my closet for years.

Jamie tells me how my new diet improves health by keeping my blood sugar stable and reducing inflammation. She explains that it is not about the decrease in calories (or even counting calories), but the fact that all of the foods we eat now are packed with nutrients. I no longer eat lots of empty calories. I let her worry about all that, all I know is that it worked.

It wasn’t that hard. I lost 67 lbs without  feeling like I was “on a diet". I'm confident that I can keep it off!

- Dr. Jared Thomure

Do You Want to Look and Feel Your Best in 2017?

If so, come join me. I'll teach you what to eat and why. We'll learn how to grocery shop, stock our pantries, and share recipes. If you'd like, meet other like minded friends, and join the conversation in an optional facebook group.  The class starts January 9,  lasts for 7 weeks and costs $1/day.   Do you want to do what Jared did?  If so, sign up here! If you are on the fence and want to learn more about the program, feel free to email me any questions at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-Dr. Jamie Thomure