blog tower garden 2023You know that eating veggies is important for your overall health! But sometimes it’s a hassle to run to the grocery store, clean the produce, and prepare a salad. It can get even more complicated if you are concerned about the pesticides used on conventional produce. 

In the summer it can be fun to keep a garden for fresh lettuce, herbs, kale, etc. You may also be able to find a trusted source at a local farmers’ market. But in the winter, it can be hard to figure out. 

The tower garden has been the solution for me. It is a great product that makes it possible to grow your own produce year-round. I want to share information about the tower garden, but I also want to share some of the great produce grown in my office with you! 


What is a Tower Garden

A tower garden is a vertical garden that uses less soil and water than a regular garden. Mine has LED lights that surround evenly distributing light at all levels. Multiple types of plants are able to grow at the same time. 

There are many brands of tower gardens to choose from. You can even build a tower garden on your own. I purchased mine from Juice Plus.


Benefits of the Tower Garden  

In addition to the easy nutritious vegetables it provides, a tower garden has many other benefits.

  • The aeroponic approach to gardening has been shown to produce an average of 30% greater yields and 3x faster growth times than other methods. 
  • A tower garden takes up to 90% less space than your typical garden.
  • It gives you the benefits of homegrown produce without all the work of maintaining an outdoor garden. 
  • Those who are environmentally conscious will like the fact that greens grown by your tower garden means no transport to the grocery store and less trips for you, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. 
  • It also uses much less water than conventional farming.
  • Nutrition and water are 100% recyclable in this closed system.
  • No need for insecticides or pesticides.


Healthy Habits Made Easy

When you establish good habits, such as eating wholesome foods, it will have a direct impact on your health. The tower garden is encouraging me to continue my journey to good health by letting me grow fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil right in my office.

With fresh veggies growing year-round in my office, it only makes sense that I would enjoy them easily. When it is time to eat, I can just snip a variety of lettuce and some herbs. With a little protein and some homemade dressing, I have a complete meal!


I’d love to share my harvest with you! So, don’t be shy. Ask for some veggies when you come in for your next appointment. You can take them home and have the beginning of a fresh salad to enjoy!

Dr. Jamie