beef stick

Are you struggling to find quick snacks when you are on the go? Do you find yourself grabbing fast food or other processed snacks because they are easily available. Eating clean can take a little extra planning, but if we really want to take care of our bodies it is worth the effort.

Even when we try, it can be hard to find a great snack that is healthy and can be eaten on the go. That's why I am excited to share with you Paleo Valley Beef Sticks. They are a great clean protein made from grass fed cows. Their are five different varieties for you to choose from.

I want you to find good clean snacks so much that I bought a bunch to have in the office. Just ask me for one when you come in for your next appointment, and I will let you have one. Once you try them, you can decide for yourself if they are something that would keep you full and eating clean.

If you decide to order some, use this link and we will both get a coupon for $20 off!


Dr. Jamie

P.S. I would love to hear about your favorite snacks!