taking care of yourself after lossAs many of you know, Dr. Jamie said goodbye to her mom last week. Thank you for the kindness you have shown her during this time.

I am sharing this previous blog because it is hard to do self-care during difficult times. I have modified it to be more appropriate for those suffering a loss. I hope it will provide easy ways to care for yourself when you may not feel like you can.


Simple Self-Care Ideas

Let’s look at some things you can do to take care of yourself in 5-minutes or less. 

  1. Put on a cozy sweater or sweatshirt
  2. Open the window for a cool breeze
  3. Massage or stroke your face
  4. Meditate
  5. Smile at a fond memory
  6. Gaze at the stars
  7. Yoga (hold the child’s pose)
  8. Take some deep breaths
  9. Stare at nature
  10. Declutter your nightstand
  11. Give yourself a foot massage
  12. Put on some makeup
  13. List three positive things about yourself
  14. Close your eyes letting the sunshine on your face
  15. Diffuse your favorite scent
  16. Play with your pet
  17. Get some movement
  18. Make a list of everything on your mind
  19. Do a sudoku or crossword puzzle
  20. Hug a loved one
  21. Open your blinds
  22. Be completely still
  23. Listen to your favorite song
  24. Apply a face mask
  25. Sit in your car in silence
  26. Pick a mantra to focus on
  27. Step outside or go for a walk
  28. Sing your favorite song
  29. Mindfully drink your coffee 
  30. Eat a piece of dark chocolate
  31. Stretch your body
  32. Progressively tense and relax your body
  33. Apply lotion to your body
  34. Doodle or color
  35. Look at old pictures

Everyone responds differently to loss. Some people are overcome with emotion while others go into "business mode." Many times people alternate between the two. There is no wrong way to process grief even if it is different than how other people expect you to react. And, it is okay to feel things other than sadness; it doesn't mean you are not grieving deeply. 

Dr. Jamie (and Carolyn)