blog promising covidWhat if there was a cheap effective supplement that could help protect your body from the effects of Covid-19? Would you be interested in learning more? If so, you will want to look at the research surrounding vitamin D.

While no supplement can provide complete protection, the research on vitamin D is very promising. Let’s take a look at the research to see the powerful impact it may be having on those with Covid-19.


Observational Studies

Throughout this pandemic there has been quite a bit of research surrounding supplements and the effects they have on covid. There have been at least 15 observational studies which have investigated the connection between vitamin D and COVID-19. 

Recently, Chris Kresser discussed one such study that was published in the journal Nature. According to Kresser, “The researchers compared people with asymptomatic infections to people with severe infections: 97 percent of people in the severe group had vitamin D deficiency (average level of 14!) vs. 33 percent in the asymptomatic group... People with low vitamin D also had higher levels of inflammatory markers like ferritin, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, and interleukin-6. Most impressively: the fatality rate was seven times higher in the low vitamin D group!”


While observational studies do not necessarily show causation, these findings are still impressive. And there are a couple randomized controlled trials that give us more insight into the connection between vitamin D and Covid. 


Randomized Controlled Trial

In this interventional study, patients with Covid pneumonia were divided into two groups. One group was given high doses of vitamin D over the course of a week while the control group was not given any.

The study found that vitamin D nearly eliminated the risk of ICU admissions - with only 2% of the vitamin D group admitted to the ICU, while 50% of the control group was admitted. 

Since most people who die from covid die in the ICU these findings are quite significant.


The Impact of Vitamin D on the Body  

Most people are familiar with vitamin D, but do not understand the incredible impact that it has on the body. It’s important to note that nearly all the cells in our bodies have Vitamin D receptors. When we are deficient in Vitamin D our bodies can not function properly. 

According to Kresser, Vitamin D acts as a potent hormone in the body, regulating the expression of genes as well as activating enzymes and proteins. Appropriate levels are absolutely vital for proper immune system function.


What Does This Mean For Me?

Most people living in northern climates can not get enough sunlight to produce optimal levels of Vitamin D. Unless a large amount of your skin is exposed to the sun for at least 30 minutes daily, there is a good chance that you are deficient in Vitamin D. 

The best way to make sure you are getting this important nutrient is through a simple blood test, but according to Kresser since the risks of taking vitamin D are quite low most people can simply start taking between 4000-8000 IU’s/day.  

⁠As with any supplement, it is important to find a good brand that you can trust. My favorite brand of vitamin D is Innate Choice.  Their product uses the same form of Vitamin D that our bodies make through exposure to the sun and is carried in an organic olive oil. 



If you are interested in ordering this product, or would like to get your Vitamin D levels checked, give me a call. I'd be happy to help!  

Dr. Jamie

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