blog maternity leave 2While Dr. Jamie is welcoming her new baby into the world, she still has your back!

Dr. Jamie has arranged for three chiropractors that she trusts to care for her patients. Please reach out to any of these wonderful practitioners directly to schedule an appointment in one of their offices.


Dr. Jessica Leighton

Alliance Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Naperville 630-995-3189

Dr. Jessica Leighton (Flynn) graduated from National University of Health Sciences and Albion College after an internship at the Salvation Army in Chicago. While there she developed a passion for helping women during pregnancy and the postpartum phase.⁠

Her clinic in Naperville is dedicated to women’s health and wellness, prenatal and postpartum care, as well as family chiropractic care. Acupuncture services complement her practice, and can specifically target enhancing natural fertility.⁠

⁠She supports both men and women, who are trying to conceive naturally and those navigating various fertility treatments. Her own fertility struggles enable her to understand the physical and emotional component to many fertility challenges.⁠

Dr. Anita Dickerson

41 North Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Clinic in St. Charles 630-549-7870

⁠Dr. Anita Dickerson graduated with a doctorate in chiropractic medicine from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. 

She has devoted her career to treating patients with the Active Release Technique (ART), because she finds it to be the best technique for soft tissue issues. Her patients also receive gentle chiropractic adjustments, as well as guidance in balancing muscles. ⁠

⁠Dr. Anita understands that balancing muscles involves more than simply identifying muscles that are either tight or weak. She realizes that it’s critical to determine why specific muscles are affected before starting to stretch or strengthen them. ⁠

⁠She recognizes that exercises can be ineffective and counterproductive when applied too early. Once underlying problems have been corrected, she guides patients through specific exercises designed to stretch and strengthen muscles sequentially - making sure each muscle is capable of doing what it is intended to do.⁠


Dr. Matthew Petry

Post Rehabilitative Solutions in Plainfield 815-254-1234

Dr. Matthew Petry has acquired a unique and well-rounded approach to fitness, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle. Through his almost 20 years of experience in multidisciplinary environments, he has seen the benefits of co-managing patients with medical physicians as well as physical therapists. 

Dr. Matt has learned to adapt his chiropractic knowledge and advanced physical rehabilitative techniques into a team approach based on multi-pronged solutions for his patients.

Creating Post Rehab Solutions has brought together his backgrounds in chiropractic and physical rehab with his passion for sports medicine.

He was a National Multiple Sclerosis Society Illinois Task Force Nominee in 2013, and is an Accredited Continuing Education Provider for the following American fitness training providers: NSCA, NASM, AFAA, ACE, ISSA.


I look forward to seeing you back in my office in September. Until then, I am confident that you will be in good hands!

Dr. Jamie