maternity leave announceThis is a quick reminder to schedule your appointment now if you would like to be adjusted before my maternity leave!


Maternity Leave Expectations

As you know, Jared and I will be welcoming baby #3 into the world soon. If all goes as expected, I will begin my maternity leave August 1st and plan to take a few weeks off.

I will be referring patients to a couple local chiropractors that I know and trust for any care they may need while I am gone. We will be sending an email with more information at the end of the month. 

I look forward to seeing you when I get back!


Just for Fun   

In the meantime, I thought you may enjoy a few thoughts from the girls (and Jared)! 


BecciHethcoatPhotography FamilyPhotographer Wheaton 50

 Piper may not be sure what to expect, but she's

going to make a great big sister! She is looking

forward to doing "rock rock baby" with her baby

sister. (You may know "rock rock baby" as singing

"rock-a-bye baby.")



BecciHethcoatPhotography FamilyPhotographer Wheaton 9

 Harper says she is excited about having a new

little sister who will "probably have the same color

hair as me and Piper... then we can get the tiny

baby outfits that matches me and Piper so we can

all dress the same."



BecciHethcoatPhotography FamilyPhotographer Wheaton 20

Jared is excited about "having three different

people to wake me up in the middle of the night!"






 *Special thank to Becci Hethcoat Photography for the great shots!

Dr. Jamie