Class Testimonials

The class results are blowing me away!  Average weight loss of those who followed my recommendations and wanted to lose weight was 12 pounds! As you all know, I care about much more than weight! Participants also reported AWESOME IMPROVEMENTS in digestion, skin, joint pain, energy, sleep, mood, and heartburn, improved blood sugar regulation via glucometer and Hemoglobin A1C lab markers, brain fog, and more. Keep reading to hear what the Wellness Warriors have to say.

Dr. Jamie

Recipe for a Life Filled With Healthy Eating

"The last seven weeks have brought me back full circle to how I felt during the first 18 years of my life. My mother, being from Okinawa, came from the mindset that we should eat something different each day and it should be whole. We grew up eating veggies from the garden where even the cucumbers had “fire” to them. Spring forward 25 years. Two decades plus 5 years filled with Doritos, processed foods, restaurant lunches and you have me a mere 7 weeks ago…sluggish, hazy, and drinking coffee or energy drinks like it’s my job. Not a green veggie in sight. With the circle complete, I finally feel alive again. My mornings are clear and not caffeine driven. My focus is sharp and energy level steady. Breathing is easier and my legs don’t feel heavy. Eating lunch doesn’t wipe me out. Most importantly, I know what to eat and I even enjoy food prep. There’s something cathartic about it that I love. Add in inspiration and creativity that stems from cooking and you have a recipe for a life filled with healthy eating. Thank you, Dr. Jamie".- MP

Recipes are Awesome

"Your videos and recipes are AWESOME! I have made so many new recipes, that my family thinks i'm going to start a restaurant! :)" SL

You Will Feel So Much Better

"I started experiencing inflammation, joint pain and bloating once I hit my 40's. I was tested for many things, but the doctors couldn't find anything wrong. Dr. Jamie was able to help me, with this program, to alleviate those symptoms. You will be pleased with your results if you follow the program and you will feel so much better!" KN

You've Changed My Life

You've changed my life. I feel so much better with this new way of eating and it's making me cook, which I used to dread. I love it! ES