"I have more energy and have lost weight (my clothes fit me better). I was 175# when I started seven weeks ago and this morning I am 162.2#!!! I will never go back to eating the way I did before. My skin is less dry. I have arthritis in my feet and spine and I had a total knee replacement 2 years ago and everything has been feeling good since being on this wellness program!
This has been the most important thing I have ever done for MYSELF!

This new way of eating real and whole foods is amazing. The daily education via email was so beneficial. The information was so eye-opening! (My doctor would say, that at my age my metabolism has slowed way down and I just have cut my portions down and calories. and the GI doctor said to just take Miralax for the rest of your life. He said that there is nothing wrong with that and the ortho doctor said we can give you cortisone injections for pain.)  Having that daily communication, really helped to keep me on track. I felt that I wasn't doing this on my own, as I have 6 adults in my home, that were not following this plan and sometimes that was difficult, but no more, because I have been eating well for so long now, it's just part of me and I WILL NOT GO BACK!!!

Dr. Jamie was always there to answer my many, many questions.
I will be continuing on this journey for the rest of my life! 
Thank You, Dr. Jamie and Joelle!"- CP