I will continue to stay on the program. My mindset regarding food has changed forever. I will, as best I can, eat real food from a good, healthy source. I will give my body fewer chemicals and toxins to process. I have become a better food shopper, meal planner, and cook. I enjoy all of these things more than I ever had in the past. The material was very insightful. I liked learning the anatomy/physiology and the nutrition components. I liked that your emails had a simple explanation, but offered a link to another article for more information. (In the education world, this is called differentiation :>)) I feel like I am trying to teach others so that I can remember as much as I can! I feel good! I thought I felt good prior to the program, but after eating differently I started to notice that some foods were causing inflammation and I didn't realize it. My body is less tolerant of carbs and sugar and I feel bad after eating them. After sugar, I feel like my tongue has an adverse reaction - tingles, burns, feels dry. -LG