"The last seven weeks have brought me back full circle to how I felt during the first 18 years of my life. My mother, being from Okinawa, came from the mindset that we should eat something different each day and it should be whole. We grew up eating veggies from the garden where even the cucumbers had “fire” to them. Spring forward 25 years. Two decades plus 5 years filled with Doritos, processed foods, restaurant lunches and you have me a mere 7 weeks ago…sluggish, hazy, and drinking coffee or energy drinks like it’s my job. Not a green veggie in sight. With the circle complete, I finally feel alive again. My mornings are clear and not caffeine driven. My focus is sharp and energy level steady. Breathing is easier and my legs don’t feel heavy. Eating lunch doesn’t wipe me out. Most importantly, I know what to eat and I even enjoy food prep. There’s something cathartic about it that I love. Add in inspiration and creativity that stems from cooking and you have a recipe for a life filled with healthy eating. Thank you, Dr. Jamie".- MP