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Join the new 7 week bootcamp that goes beyond nutrition: Online Healthy Lifestyle Beta Group

Last year Dr. Jamie launched Nutrition Bootcamp! Over the past year, she has taught over 125 people to eat real food for real results!

While this is was great start, there is more to the health picture than the foods you eat. Because of that, she decided to create her newest bootcamp program! This program covers everything beyond food! How you sleep, how you move, your relationships, how you deal with stress, time management, and so much more!

What is the program?

A 7 week ONLINE bootcamp. Dr. Jamie will teach you how to MOVE BETTER, SLEEP BETTER, Decrease Stress, Improve your social wellness, and so much more! You will not only learn WHICH changes to make, but HOW to make them and WHY they are important for your health! In 7 weeks you will develop the tools and strategies necessary to live healthier for a lifetime!

When does the program start?

The Lifestyle Bootcamp will begin Monday September 11.

What to expect:

  • You will receive an email each day with videos, tips, and sometimes worksheets or surveys for you to complete.
  • All of the material will be given to you through DAILY emails. There is no "in person" component. All you need is internet access and an email address!
  • Having Problems? You will have access to Dr. Jamie through email or Facebook (optional) for troubleshooting.
  • There will be an optional private Facebook group that you will have access to so you can get ideas from not only Dr. Jamie, but other course participants
  • We will set short and long term goals with action steps to help stay on track.  

What You Will Learn:

  • The difference between movement and exercise, and how to incorporate more movement into your life
  • How to improve your sleep for better long term health (any why this is so important)
  • How to decrease stressors and improve how you handle stress
  • How and why to improve your social wellness by developing and deepening your relationships with those around you and getting involved in your community
  • How to improve your time management and "stack your life" so you can do what is important to you without increasing your stress levels

Who Should Sign Up For This Course:

You should sign up for this course if your health is important to you. You want to feel your best, and get the most out of life. This means:

  • You want to be as healthy as possible. 
  • You want to teach your kids good lifestyle habits and be a good example for them
  • You took Dr. Jamie's Nutrition Bootcamp and want to keep learning ways to improve your health

You should NOT Sign Up If:

You are looking for a magic bullet quick fix to health problems. I will teach you what to do, but I can't do it for you! For best results, participants must be willing to make lifestyle changes!

DO NOT expect this course to rehash everything that you might have heard on the news or social media. My goal is to bring up NOVEL IDEAS outside of the box of "conventional knowledge" in order to CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK about these lifestyle choices! 

What Problems Could This Class Solve?

  • You have been eating a healthy diet, and still feel like you haven't reached your health goals
  • Your energy isn't what it used to be
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You have a health problem or diagnosis such as thyroid dysfunction, blood pressure regulation issues, immune system dysregulation, an autoimmune condition, blood sugar regulation issues
  • You have increased fat around your middle (often related to excess stress hormones)
  • You have brain for or other mental disorders like anxiety or depression
  • You have been told that you have "adrenal fatigue"

What does it mean that this is a Beta Group?

Your input can help create the class! Because Dr. Jamie will be editing the content as the class evolves, course content will be made specifically with the needs and questions of the participants in mind! Participants will give feedback as the class goes and let Dr. Jamie know what resources, worksheets, and guidelines are the most helpful!

Since it it the first offering of this course, the price of this bootcamp is reduced. The cost at this time is $49. The price will be more in the future.

Is 7 weeks enough?

This course will cover A LOT of material! All of the days will be numbered so participants can keep the information as a reference. The class will continuously build on itself, but some participants might need to spend longer time than the allotted week or two for any given section to make lasting habits and lifestyle changes. Dr. Jamie is aware of this and will continuously check in to make sure you are maintaining newly formed habits as we progress into other areas.

In 7 weeks you should feel better and be on the road toward improved health! That being said, if you are starting off feeling really terrible, it likely took many years to get to that point, and it will likely take more than 7 weeks to fully heal. The program will give you the knowledge and tools to jump-start you on this journey.

My goal is to  build a COMMUNITY of people who are excited about feeling their best!! It's easier to make healthy life decisions, when you are surrounded by others that are doing the same.

What Are You Waiting For?

The knowledge and health improvements that you will gain from this program are priceless!

While this program is intensive for 7 weeks, Dr. Jamie's goal is that you to learn what you need to know for LIFELONG changes to improve your health and longevity. You can learn skills and form healthy habits that will help you to feel better for a lifetime!

Click Here to Register for the 7 Week Healthy Lifestyle Boot Camp

I'm so excited to be able to offer this program to you, and hope that you'll join me on the path to Wellness! My goal with this program is to open your mind to a NEW WAY of THINKING about movement, stress, sleep, and all of the lifestyle choices you make on a daily basis!

- Dr. Jamie Thomure