What People Say About the Nutrition Boot Camp

Not A Diet - A New Way of Eating

"The Wellness Warrior program is packed with very helpful and instructive information. I have truly learned so much from Dr. Jamie and her nutritional videos and handouts. Detoxing from sugar and grains/breads has proven to be a positive step in my overall health. It's not a diet, it's a new way of eating. I"m trying new recipes and approaching food in a different way. This program is a great "reboot" to a new, healthier lifestyle!"- S.L. 

I Am Excited to Continue This Journey

Over these weeks I have learned and noticed many great changes with my body. I have lost 12lbs. YEA!! I have noticed that I have more energy during my school days and that other people have noticed too. My skin has cleared up and my stomach problems have gone away. I don't crave sweets as much any more as well. I have learned to open up my mind to new ideas and trying great HEALTHY foods. I am excited to continue this journey with eating healthy by taking all that I learned from this class and sharing it with others. NC (a high school student)