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What People Say About the Nutrition Boot Camp

I Feel So Much Better!

Hi Dr. Jamie!  I want you to know how awesome this has been for my daughter and I....and other members of our family are benefiting too, even though they weren't committed like the two of us. I truly feel like my life is more under control. I sleep better, wake up more quickly and feeling refreshed. My skin has improved and I have noticed significant reduced puffiness in my face and other areas of my body. I wasn't doing this for weight loss but I did lose about 10 pounds! My athletic performance and stamina have improved. I feel so much more in control and equipped with new tools to move forward and make these changes more permanent in my life. I am even enjoying my veggie salads! Foods taste good to me and my cravings have reduced significantly. I am still battling them, but over all I feel so much better. Thank you for sharing your expertise at a price that is unheard of. My Daughter has benefited too, and she is sticking with it!- E.C.

Cooking Good Food Is A Fun Challenge

Thanks so much for your Wellness Warriors program. We changed our eating habits quite a bit. It is fun and a challenge to cook enjoyable, good tasting food that is good for you. FYI, I lost close to 20 pounds and my wife lost around 5. Thanks so much. You are doing a good thing!!! JK