What People Say About the Nutrition Boot Camp

Lost Weight Without Being Hungry or Deprived

"I lost seven pounds in the last six weeks, without trying or being hungry or deprived. I stayed well and had no coughs, stuffy nose colds, or skin outbreaks. I think that the outer third of my eyebrows are getting darker again." RH

Not A Diet - A New Way of Eating

"The Wellness Warrior program is packed with very helpful and instructive information. I have truly learned so much from Dr. Jamie and her nutritional videos and handouts. Detoxing from sugar and grains/breads has proven to be a positive step in my overall health. It's not a diet, it's a new way of eating. I"m trying new recipes and approaching food in a different way. This program is a great "reboot" to a new, healthier lifestyle!"- S.L.