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Happy Thanksgiving!

fruit  traay shaped like a turkey for thanksgiving


Over the past few years, we've come up with a Thanksgiving tradition to make a fun and healthy appetizer -- shaped like a turkey. Last year I shared a picture of a veggie turkey with you. Here is a fruit turkey!   Just google turkey appetizer platter and you'll get LOTS of ideas. For those of you that use pinterest, this would be another great place to find lots of healthy and creative ideas. It can be a fun kids activity too. Try it, take a photo and share it on our facebook page!

In case you are still looking for the good real food recipes for tomorrow, here is a link to a previous years post with all sorts of healthy recipes! 

Finally, I know it seems obvious, but I want to remind all of you to remember what you are thankful for this holiday season. I am thankful for my family, friends, health, and of course my patients! If there is someone in your life who you are thankful for, be sure to tell them. They will be happy to know, and it is incredibly healthy for you to express thankfulness as well. 

Have a happy and healthy holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Dr. Jamie and Dr. Jared

Please Come To Our Open House

Open House

You Are Invited!

What? An open house! We will have appetizers and drinks!

Who? You are invited! We'd love to see you

When? Thursday, September 28, 2017 form 5-7pm

Where? At the office! 28W530 Batavia Rd, Warrenville, IL This event will be hosted by both my office, DuPage Family Wellness, and the Warrenville Dental Group next door. 

Why? We are celebrating a few things. As many of you know, both my office and the dentist office just finished a big remodel. In case you haven't seen it yet, this is a great chance to come by and see the improvements!

We are also celebrating Dr. Russell Tripp's retirement. He has been practicing in Warrenville for 35 years. In case you did not know it, he is also my wonderful dad!

I'd love to see you on Thursday! If you are free, swing by, have some food, see the new office, and say hello!

Hope to see you there!

Dr. Jamie